September 21, 2021

2021 flavour sperimentale 

you were all here

  1. You Were All Here (Cruciani-Lardo)
  2. I Hate Photograph (Cruciani)
  3. How Does It Make You Feel? (Cruciani)
  4. Pills (Cruciani)
  5. Trapped Child (Cruciani)
  6. Laying Stones On The Grass (Cruciani)
  7. Something Left Unsaid (Cruciani-Lardo)
  8. Lost And Found (Cruciani)
  9. Fade (Armadoro)


Album made between May 2019 and August 2021

Production and final mixing by Vincenzo Lardo

Cover graphics by Nicola Cruciani and Francesco Francia


Music and lyrics by Nicola Cruciani


Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, drum programming, keyboards, backing vocals - Vincenzo Lardo a.k.a. 240bpm

Electric guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass, drum programming - Nicola Cruciani


Keyboards - Giovanni Armadoro




Vocals and backing vocals on Trapped Child : Chiara Della Monica, Simona Della Monica

Child choir on Trapped Child : Tommaso Cruciani

Saxophone on Trapped Child : Vincenzo Esposito

Vocals and choirs on Something Left Unsaid : Francesca Longo

Voices and choruses on Something Left Unsaid : Rossella Lauriello

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    Oscar Freitas (sabato, 09 settembre 2023 00:54)


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    Giuse.Ces (mercoledì, 10 maggio 2023 07:09)

    Ci sono evidenti echi dei Pink Floyd.
    Trapped child è bellissima.

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    Roby (lunedì, 24 aprile 2023 12:08)

    Grande Nik, gran bel lavoro!

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    faithpowel (mercoledì, 12 aprile 2023 23:25)