first concerts

May 1, 1998 Flavour performed for the first time.

The location is the former elementary school in Acquasparta.

Flavour performs a set of about an hour, offering songs of their own production and covers.

Part of the concert, recorded through a camera, will become part of the album "AD Bootleg" released in the summer of 1998.

June 1, 1998 Flavour performed at Spoleto rock, at the location of Villa Redenta.

The lineup sees the defection of Francesco, replaced by Fabio P.

The band is also joined by singer Marta P. , guitarist Marco P. and singer Graziano Z.

During 1998 Flavour will further perform only at the James Brown venue in Terni.

During 1999, Flavour further refined their songs and composed new ones.

Unfortunately, however, due to a series of issues they only perform in a few live events.

In March 1999 at the Nexus pub, in Terni and in May at the auditorium of the Technical Commercial Institute "Casagrande" in Terni.

Nicola and Gianni participate in two concerts in Spoleto together with the group Pravda.

About the beginning of 2000 the band decided to suspend the project and despite a series of attempts came practically to the final disbandment.

the experimental epoca

Between 2005 and 2006 Nicola made, carrying on the name Flavour, two albums of experimental music, inspired by contemporary composers such as John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen and trying his hand at experiments with electronic noises, prepared instruments and concrete music.

From this study the albums "Zu"(2005) and "Elektronische Musik" (2006) are released.

2006 reunion

In late summer 2006 the band decided to resume the project. Francesco, Paolo, Nicola and Gianni get together, discuss and start rehearsing in late September, in the improvised rehearsal room at Francis' house.

Unfortunately, after just a month and a half, Francesco leaves the band.

Gianni, Paolo, and Nicola after a short period with home rehearsals in each other's house, join a band from Cascia, consisting of three other members.

For a few sessions they meet in a rehearsal room located in Sant'Anatolia di Narco, but the project quickly becomes evidently incompatible.

In January 2007 thus, the project stops again and this time permanently, sanctioning the dissolution of the band.

the pink quadrilogy

After the band's unsuccessful fall 2006 reunion, Nicola decided to pursue the Flavour project, seeking collaborators through the web.

He thus created a project called flavor lab, which saw the co-participation of artists such as Monos, Pinasv, Marbot.

From these sessions two albums "Abstract Like An Absence" and "By Hook Or By Loop" were born.  

Nicola under the name Flavour also participates in some compilations of experimental music and two albums in collaboration with Monos (ninety-eight-two thousand nine and Aldous Huxley).

Meanwhile, Nicola makes four albums , between 2008 and 2011, inspired by the more experimental and psychedelic period of Pink Floyd.

These works are named Experimental Tetralogy or Pink Quadrilogy.

They include " A Provision Of Mirages"(2008), "Madamadama"(2009), "Queen Moo Breakfast"(2010) and "Meddis"(2011).

These albums will be retouched and edited several times over the following years. as a kind of continuous work in progress.


In 2016 Nicola began a fruitful collaboration with artist Vincenzo Lardo a.k.a. 240bpm.

This collaboration produces the concept album In No Man's Land.

The album defines a journey on the meaning of life through the four natural elements (water, earth, air and fire), musically narrating the detachment and reunion from the great One.

The entire work is promoted by a series of video clips and released in October 2017.

In December 2017 on the basis of the concept album, a full movie is made.

The film is made through the contribution of videos taken consensually from various web videomakers and authors.


the musical

In 2018 240bpm directed the production of a musical inspired by the concept album In No Man's Land, at the Severi student collective in Salerno.

The musical is performed at Salerno's Severi auditorium in May 2018.

a braccia aperte

In early 2019, Flavour are commissioned to create a promotional video for the election campaign of the Giovanni Montani mayor list.

The music is recorded in Giorgio Giuseppini's private studio.

The song, titled A Braccia Aperte (Open Arms) is composed by Gianni and Nicola, who also do the recording.

Francesco and Paolo join the project and the band meets for a few rehearsal sessions.

From the recording of the sessions will be taken the tracks "Mad Speaks" and "Ritual," which together with " A Braccia Aperte" will be part of the new album " Say Goodbye To Winter" released in June 2019.

The video for A Braccia Aperte meanwhile, is made by Francesco, with the participation of Paolo and Nicola and, as the main character Paola Feliciotti.

The video of A Braccia Aperte is used as the opening of the entire election campaign and will contribute to the victory of the list.


In spring 2023 Francesco, Nicola, and Paolo came together to make the video for the song I Hate Photograph, taken from the 2021 album You Were All Here. The clip stars the 3 members of Flavour and a series of actress-models. The making and editing is of course by Francesco. The video is presented, during the All Night On by Artseasons event, at Parco delle Terme dell'Amerino. During the filming of the video John communicates his final departure from the Flavour.

LIVE AT CASA LA MULA - 18/08/2023

August 18, 2023 Flavour returned to perform live after 24 years.

The performance took place at "Casa La Mula" in Portaria.

Setlist : Intro / I Hate Photographs / How Does It Make You Feel ? / Orange / Qcdf / Dolce Assnza / Qcdf (second run) / Rituale / Comfortably Numb

live parco amerino

September 2, 2023 Flavour performed as part of the "It's All About Music" by Artseasons event at Amerino Park on Sept. 2.

Setlist : I Hate Photographs, How Does It Make You Feel, Orange, Qcdf, Dolce Assenza, Comfortably Numb.

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